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  1. JRready KIT4090 (YJQ-H1Q&BM-2&HD-C0001&PC-SUITE1 ) Crimp Tool Kit
  2. JRready KIT4090 (YJQ-H1Q&BM-2&HD-C0001&PC-SUITE1 ) Crimp Tool Kit

JRready KIT4090 (YJQ-H1Q&BM-2&HD-C0001&PC-SUITE1 ) Crimp Tool Kit

1. KIT4090 Kit consists of YJQ-H1Q (Pneumatic Crimp Tool), HD-C0001 (Positioner), BM-2(Bench Mount), PC-SUITE1 kit;
2. Suitable for crimping twist-pin and syringes in macro electrical connectors;
3. Equipped with positioner HD-C0001.
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Brand: JRready

Standard: YJQ-H1Q&BM-2&HD-C0001&PC-SUITE1

Weight (g): 2910

Crimped Shape: Four-indent Eight-impression

Internal Number: KIT4090

YJQ-H1Q crimping tool is used to the crimping of the pin end and the pin body of twist pin, crimping of wires and pins as well as crimping of wires and sockets. The indenter impression length is 1.2mm, and the terminal crimped outer diameter is 0.90mm.

HD-C0001 positioner is used to locate contacts horizontally and vertically between the indenters of the tools to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the crimp position.


This kit contains two kinds of control mode:

  Figure1: Foot valve control mode

  Figure2: Hand valve control mode


Using 1.54mm hex wrench

Unscrewing the setting screw when in manual control (Unscrewing 0-1mm above the reference plane, until manual control is recovered. Do not force the screw out to prevent the screw mechanism from damaging.)

Screwing in the setting screw when in the foot valve control (Screwing 1-2mm into the reference plane, until foot valve control is recovered. Do not force into the screw to prevent the screw mechanism from damaging.)


1. Mould Steel (Durable,pressure resistance,No deformation,nice appearance and will not rust.)

2. Four-indent pneumatic Crimp Tools (more stable & more reliable)

3. 8 Selector Numbers (Adjustable crimping ranges in different selector number, more convenient for wider applications)


Crimp Principle

The crimping tool adopts curve propulsion mechanism, its applied force transfers through four curves in the head cavity of the right plier handle to the four indenters. The four intenders do the centripetal linear motion, which makes its front-end teeth crimp the contact to complete the crimping process. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts.


Installation of Positioner




Twist-pin crimping dimension drawing


crimping sample


L-type twist-pin